January 19, 1968


From: Ron Jacobs

The attached numbers for January-only serve as a good reminder to all of us that we don't get a thing without working for it. In order to bask in the brief glory of a few good numbers on a piece of paper we gotta put out the best effort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year. There ain't no substitute. If you aren't giving it your all there's someone on another station just dying to get #1 ratings...and he could be swinging his ass off. One push button. Little nudge on the transistor dial. A rude answer on the phone. Two records in a bad combination (and we been having our share of strange musical sequences): Otis Redding followed by Joe Tex...come on...a computer or a UCLA freshman wouldn't goof like that!!!) Or...and is this really a problem...repeating records too fast, tightening the cycle. Sure it's important to balance tempo, mix up styles, get the proper cue-in times etc..but there is no excuse for repeating The Strawberry Alarm Clock within an hour and 20 minutes during the same show (which happened yesterday on "Boss" Radio!) The listeners don't give a damn where the one-liners go and when. But they are insulted when something like this happens. And the station isn't getting its money's worth when you're opening the mike at the last minute with the time sig and your name and into the spot bla, bla, bla. There are fifty titles on the playlist. Play them all and mix them up. And have you heard this Charlie Tuna guy on KHJ in L.A.? He opens his show saying something (like about the State of the Union speech or the Bob Hope Vietnam special) and continues to be clever, or funny, or provocative or selling the station...for three hours. It's and unflattering disgrace to only have a 2.3 lead against KRLA at night...are you kidding?!? WE CAN'T LET UP FOR ONE MINUTE OF ONE HOUR OF ONE SHOW OF ONE DAY!!!

( End of excerpt )