May 2, 1967


From: Ron Jacobs

The response to the BIRTHDAY contest is incredible. I'd estimate that the items we've already received represent 10,000 man-hours. Really well thought out and inventive material coming in. This shows...more than anything we've ever much loyalty and identity KHJ has built in the last two years. It also proves that we don't ever have to say we're number one...the audience knows it. Make it sound like you appreciate both the message ("Happy Birthday") and the time and creativity that went into the card. Don't use words like "thing" and "stuff" when describing. Above all, NO SARCASM when describing the cards! A lot of effort went into the finalists' put some effort into your description. Any two-dimensional cut-and-past job is a COLLAGE. Any three-dimensional item is with a CONSTRUCTION or an ASSEMBLAGE. There are also MOBILES, (hanging decorated items like champagne bottles, shoes, model planes, etc.) Describe how it was done: paint, crayon, ink, pencil, pentel, felt pen, etc. If there's a poem, READ IT . . . Give its SIZE...SHAPE..COLOR...GENERAL DESCRIPTION...and written message. Be factual...don't say it's "incredible, out of sight, unbelievable" and leave out what it is. These people are sincere. You be the same in acknowledging their efforts . . . Do not talk after the :19 two punch.

( End of excerpt )