March 1, 1966


From: Ron Jacobs

The Hooper ratings are on and will be taken through Monday. This is the time we must continue to show as well. We finally broke through in printed average figures but we must hold or improve our position. If we don't there'll be a loud chorus of "fluke," "flash in the pan," and "I told you so" type remarks. Not that comments in the trades, or even the agency level should be our motive. Our goal should be to maintain what we earned and put our best efforts into the sound of the station. We must have the same attitude any winning ball club: Brand new day, brand new game. The Dodgers don't get any points this year for last year's wins. And the fact that they're champs won't stop any base hits by the opposition unless L. A. plays like champs. So during the week don't relax because we're already there. Any numbers we've had, good or bad, are last season's headlines; the L. A. teenager is more fickle than any Dodger fan. KRLA is fighting now. They're down and thinking status...and thinking about job security, paying the rent, staying in the big market.

( End of excerpt )