June 17, 1966


From: Ron Jacobs

O.K., so last year at this time here we were (most of us) a hesitant embryo, flexing our baby-ratings, with a sound that had been on the air for six weeks, so new that [L. A. Times radio columnist] Don Page hadn't to put it down and with The Rolling Stones Concert, The Sonny & Cher Concert, the Batphone Contest, The Big Kahuna... and those #1 ratings yet to come.

Now...one year later...summer is here and this is our time, baby, with 750,000 Boss Radio diggers on the loose, ready to boost those numbers to where they belong: on top of EVERYONE, a11 the time and that includes Joe Pyne discussing the effects of frozen sperm on the baby food market for 13 minutes and Vin Scully painting word pictures of Drysdale's pickoff motion. We's a rockin' powerhouse of their kind of sound, pumping out into beach scenes, backseats, hung over adolescents, turned on strip-cruisers, Sam the Sham digging teeny-boppers, pooped groupies, stars, 19-year-old Mustang driving mini-skirted consumer ladies, Little Leaguers hung-up on the Chavez Ravine out-ramp, draftees, pseudo-surfers and that l6-year-old thri11-seeker from Minneapolis wondering what the hell is so groovy about Grauman's Chinese Theater

SO...for 24 hours a day let's not forget WHO'S out there listening for a little happiness...not-so-lonely with transistor rubbing their identity-seeking little ears...hoping that someone, you, Boss Jock, will TALK TO THEM. We got 90 days here (and a Big Kahuna, a Surfin' Bird, a boss Bi111board and a head start) to finish up our mopping up operations! Let's de-de-de-de-destroy those retarded mock-rockers who would dare to call themselves our competition. Make the kids luv ya!!

( End of excerpt )